Capacity Building Course: Training for staff officers to perform electoral processes

8 August 2022
2022-08-08 17:24

The on-job service capacity building course No.(4/2022) for staff officers who will perform duties in the the Union Election Commission and the various levels of UEC sub-commission offices was opened at the No.3 Transit Camp (Ywataw) on Monday.

On behalf of the Union Election Commission, member of UEC U Aung Saw Win gave a speech at the event, saying that the training is aimed to teach electoral subjects for the trainee officers who will serve in the commission in order to understand the skills of electoral process and their role in holding an successful election.

He said that they have agreed and held meetings with political parties for 4 times to change the proportional representation (PR) system instead of the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system that was used in the previous elections in the upcoming elections. 

The laws, bylaws, guidelines and manuals to be compatible with the PR system have been prepared. He added that members of the Union Election Commission are conducting the PR system in the relevant regions/states to understand the staffs.

There were over 11.3 voting frauds in 2020 General Election and the work processes to verify the ground population census for the accuracy of the voter lists are being conducted in respective regions and states in cooperation with the staffs from UEC sub-commissions, officials from administrative bodies and township Immigration Department.

Out of 325 townships in Regions and States, the processes have already been conducted in 298 townships until now and the process is being undertaken in 14 townships and it needs to be undertaken in 13 townships.

He call for the trainees to serve dutifully responsibilities while carefully learning the lessons to be conducted in the course. UEC Members, officials of the UEC office and trainees attented the opening ceremony of the course and the training will be conducted from 8th to 19th August. 

-- End --