Coordination meeting: SAC Chairman delivered an opening speech

8 August 2022
2022-08-08 20:38

The Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered an address the coordination meeting regarding with the tasks undertaken by the Union Government held at the meeting room of the office of the SAC Chairman in the morning on August 8.

Also present at the meeting were the Vice Chairman of State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister Vice Senior General Soe Win, SAC members, secretary and joint-secretary, union ministers, chairman of Nay Pyi Taw Council, chief ministers of regions and states and chairmen of self-administered zones.

In his opening speech, the SAC Chairman Prime Minister said that the State Administration Council leads politically and the policies set by the SAC are to be implemented by the union level organizations, union ministries and the regional governments of regions, states and self-administered zones.

Since the state responsibilities have been taken, the state duties have been carrying out by setting the five future programs.

The prime minister senior general pointed out that the cause of taking state responsibilities is the political problems affected by the election result.

If the 2020 general election was a free and fair one, the present situation would not be brought about. Then, the prime minister related the stages of steps taken to solve the problems.

The Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister highlighted the tasks carried out such as re-scrutinizing voters’ list, action taken against the responsible persons on the election fraud, issuing citizenship registration cards who voted in the election without reaching eligible age and those who do not have any identification card, the preparations of the ministry of immigration and population for the collection of nationwide census, process of giving COVID-19 vaccination, the implementations for the economic recovery programs, the objectives of the economic development of the country, opening of basic education schools, colleges and universities to uplift the quality of human resource.

The prime minister also instructed the chief ministers of regions and states and chairmen of self-administered zones to focus special attention on the agricultural sector to revitalize the country’s economy which weakened during the previous government.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that formation of districts was extended to be smoother in carrying out administrative and executive affairs.

The agriculture, livestock, education and health sectors can promote the national strength and so the responsible persons at the district level conduct systematic supervision, there will be improvements.

Plans are made to jointly open the agriculture, livestock and technical high schools in the basic education high schools in 50 districts for producing human resources that are necessary for agriculture and breeding tasks.

There are two national goals for prosperity of the state and the country’s food abundance. Rice, beans and corns are sufficient in local and they are exported abroad. Oil crops such as peanuts and sesame are also being exported.

However, edible oils are being imported from abroad. It is necessary to achieve the goal of production of oil crops.

If the oil crop cultivation and production are carried out effectively, it is expected that the edible oil sufficiency will be achieved in the second season of oil crop cultivation in 2023 and the edible oil imported from abroad can be reduced.

Regarding rice cultivation, there are about 15 million acres of monsoon paddy and about 3 million acres of summer paddy.

Although there are more than 17 million sown acreages of summer and monsoon paddy production, it has not yet reached the target.

It also needs to produce more monsoon and summer paddy by adopting plans and goals to get more income of the state.

The Senior General also stressed the needs on water storage system for water sufficient in summer, development of agriculture and livestock sectors for improving socio-economic life of the people, providing capitals for pig and poultry farming, reducing import of oil and petroleum products from abroad, systematic oil production in local, implementation of electric power projects in region-wise, generating of electricity from water and solar systems and sports sector development.

He called for the attendees to present the future plans that will really beneficial for the state and the region.

Later, Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman and the region and state Chief Ministers reported administrative, security and Rule of Law, social, economy, education, health, agriculture and livestock sectors as well as development affairs of respective regions and states and the future programs through powerpoint presentation on which the Prime Minister gave instructions on the needs.


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