Maintenance of Dams and Reservoirs: Prevention from floods in the rainy season

8 August 2022
2022-08-08 15:37

During the monsoon season, the climate change apparently has been affected states and regions in Myanmar. In the period of high precipitation, the inspection for the strength of the dam, the condition of water storage capacity was carried out carefully.

Every year of July and August , the flash flood can happen due to the heavy rainfall,  so that department of meteorology and hydrology releases the information of weather conditions once in 3 hours and also carries out activities to response the emergency situations.

Nyan Soe, Assistant General Director, IWUM Department said "When we built and designed the Nga Moe Yeik Reservoir, we plan to provide irrigation approximately 33,000 acres of summer paddy and supply 90 million gallons of drinking water per day. Later, the population has increased and the water utilization and requirement have been high. So, we build more auxiliary dams- Paung Laung and Mahuya Dams upper Nga Moe Yeik Reservoir. In rainy season, the Department of Metrology and Hydrology delivers the weather forecast report once in two weeks. Depend on the weather condition, we contact with the ward administrator and conduct the necessary instructions."

Hlegu Reservoir in Yangon was built 27 years ago and the height of the dam is 75-ft. From this dam, 130 millions galloon of drinking water are supplied. During rainy season, the water storage capacity and overflow are always evaluated daily, it is learned.

Ye Ye Nyein, Director, Department of Metrology and Hydrology said "In mid-monsoon period, heavy rains and strong wind can be happened due to heavy rainfall. Weather warnings are released for the people to know the precautionary alert. The Department of Irrigation always measures the rainfall and releases the statements."

There are 245 reservoirs, 144 diversion weirs, 72 water storage dams, totaling 461 dams in Myanmar. 

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