Ramsar site of Indawgyi Lake: Over 160 Endangered Dalmatian pelicans hibernating

8 August 2022
2022-08-08 14:53

In this monsoon season, winter birds and over 160 Endangered Dalmatian pelicans hibernate in Indawgyi Lake. Indawgyi Lake is located in the Mohnyin district of the Kachin State in Myanmar.

In Ramsar site criteria for the Indawgyi Lake, it supports over 20,000 migratory birds yearly. Among the water birds, about 1% of the globally endangered winter birds migrate to the lake yearly and the world are interested in Indawgyi Lake.

Myanmar officials conducted the survey on water birds annually at the Indawgyi Lake since 2016. Also taking yearly records about migratory and local forest bird species monthly this year.

In August 2022, about 240 of 8 species of migratory birds and water birds are remaining in Indawgyi Lake without migrating. In additions, about 20 species of 1,612 waterfowls and 54 species of 746 forest birds are living there.

Indawgyi Lake has 94 species of fishes, 35 commercial fishes and 2 rare fish species such as Microphis Dunckeris and Pipe fish.

To ensure the sustainability of the lake, the officials conduct patrols around the lake, regular education programme for the locals, measure the water level and collect fish data, fish species and fish conserving zone.

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