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Community base drug addict treatment center will be open in East Dagon Township. 

The objective of the center is to provide treatment and rehabilitation tasks to the patients who want to stop using drugs. 

Yangon Region Committee for Drug Abuse Control will operate the center in cooperation with Social Welfare Department and Health Department. 

Hong Kong has confirmed its first imported case of the mosquito borne Zika virus, putting the Asia financial centre on high alert for further infection of a virus that has spread through Latin America and the Caribbean.  HEALTH PROTECTION CONTROLLER, DR. LEUNG TING-HUNG <<< "According to protocol we have kept our investigation and obtained various information from the attending doctor and the patient. And have arranged the patient to be in a mosquito free hospital. United Christian Hospital.

Myanmar Citizens Bank, the first bank listed on YSX, traded its shares with far lower base price compared than the first two listed firms, First Myanmar Investment (FMI) and Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Limited (MTSH), on Friday. 

The third listed firm, Myanmar Citizens Bank’s 10.4 million shares began its trading at 6800 kyats base prices, and the prices reached to 7800 kyats per share as of 11am on Friday. 

Proposal on construction of staff housings for basic education teachers by allotting budget from the Union Government was recorded at Pyithu Hluttaw People’s Parliament session on Friday. 

Over four thousand people participated in a largest-scale earthquake drill in the center of Tokyo on Friday simulating a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hitting the nation's capital. The drill was held in Ginza, a high-end shopping and business district, and held ahead of the 93rd anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 which claimed at least 100,000 casualties. The drill began with an earthquake alarm sounding throughout the streets and participants crouching down with their hands covering their heads. Some wore helmets.

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    1,204.0 Kyats
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    1,359.7 Kyats
  • 1 SGD
    890.93 Kyats
Updated on: 10:38AM, August 26 2016
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